Navigating Salem takes experienced hands. With a collective four decades of experience crafting legislative solutions for our clients, we understand the landscape and have built our reputations on a long track record of success in Oregon.

Here are just a few of our recent Salem successes:

Developed coalitions to pass Oregon’s Smoke-Free Workplace bill, which protects Oregonians from second-hand smoke.

Authored legislation to increase physical education in Oregon’s public schools by setting up a system for awarding grants to needy schools.

Led the business community in fighting for (and winning) new anti-discrimination laws in the workplace.

Helped develop the first interim study ever to analyze and develop solutions for small schools in Oregon.

Educated legislators about developmental disabilities and mental health issues, as well as passing seven bills benefiting these communities.

Stood up for workers by bringing forward a package of legislation protecting the rights of employees and expanding remedies for workplace violations, creating a fair and easier system for Oregon’s injured workers and updating Oregon’s out of date “non-compete” laws.

One of the leaders in the fight in the telecommunications arena to block one company from dominating the spectrum of communications systems.

Protected global business client from unwanted forced annexation into neighboring city, and established exemption from annexation for 35 years.